Judy Hamilton


Judy has 5 children who were all dancers – Jenifer, Tara, Andrea, Duncan and George. All of her children danced for years and went on to achieve various levels of teaching accreditations.

In her youth, Judy’s sister, Heather, got to take Highland Dance lessons, but Judy did not. To this day, Judy will tell people how upset she was as a kid that she didn’t get to take Highland Dancing. Obviously she decided her kids should be able to do it since she didn’t have the opportunity.

When Jennifer started dancing in 1969, Judy began her involvement with the MHDA. Over the past 43 years, Judy has been the epitome of a volunteer. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help led her to take on many roles. One role she took very seriously was making the lunches for pipers and judges. A great deal of time went into the planning, shopping and preparation, much to the appreciation of those on the receiving end. She spent a number of years working on newsletters and programs, too. She didn’t have the aid of a computer and printer, spell-check or even an electric typewriter. It was a lengthy and time-consuming job that she took pride in doing properly. She could also be seen setting up and marshalling at competitions or willingly filling in as a volunteer anywhere that was needed. She is nearly always here on the Friday night before the Tartan Tea to set up and has continued to this day to support the MHDA.

Judy is very proud of her Scottish heritage and loves to promote all things that are highland – dance, pipe bands, Selkirk Settlers and anything to do with the history of Manitoba.

Judy was delighted when made an Honourary Member of the Manitoba Highland Dancers’ Association in 2012.