Founded in 1947 and incorporated in 1978, the Manitoba Highland Dancers' Association (MHDA) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.

This organization provides our dancers with high caliber competitions, honoraria, scholarships and workshops.   We rely on membership fees, donations, grants and fundraising events.   The association functions on a year round basis, coordinating 7 competitions each year (two of which are championships).   The MHDA runs these competitions starting in the Fall and ending in the early summer.   Each year the association runs the Manitoba Closed Championships, where dancers are selected to represent Manitoba at the Inter-Provincial Championships held each year in the month of July.

Our dancers, ranging in age from four year to adulthood, are taught by a body of certified highland dance teachers.   All teachers are members of ScotDance Manitoba, a provincial affiliate of ScotDance Canada, and governed by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.




Are you looking for a dance teacher for the upcoming year? Click here for a list of teachers in your area


Upcoming Membership Meeting 


Our annual MHDA membership meeting will be held on Sunday September 21st, 700pm at the Masonic Memorial centre, 420 Corydon ave (Confusion Corner) 

All MHDA members and persons interested in joining MHDA are welcome. Members of the Board will be present to answer question and get feed back regarding MHDA. 

There will be a hairstylist on hand to give a presentation on different techniques for buns, braids and other fun, dance-friendly styles; as well as someone who will be able to answer an costuming inquiries

There will also be an area for displaying any second hand costumes that you have, so remember to bring any items that you have for sale!

Regarding the MHDA membership forms; this year there is a Renewal form for returning members, as well as a New Member form. Please take care in filling out the correct form. The volunteer form is to be filled out for both renewing and new members. 

If you have any membership questions please don't hesitate to contact me


Gayle Roy
MHDA Membership Director 


New Membership Application Form


Renewal Membership Application Form


Volunteer Form

(must accompany the membership form)


Sign up sheets for all of the competitions will be at the membership meeting to allow people in attendance to get first pick of the volunteer positions. Any questions in regards to Volunteer requirements or if you would like to Volunteer for competition, you can contact Joan Holmstrom at

For students that need to fulfill volunteer hours for a class, this is the perfect opportunity to put in some hours!



Congratulations to our 2014 REPS!


Job Well Done in Richmond, BC. We are proud of each and everyone of you!











The MHDA Red River Co-op number is 346810

Quote the code a couple of times a month


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You can reach us at:

Manitoba Highland Dancers' Association
Box 2491 Stn Main
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A7


Would you like to send us a donation? We are a registered Non-Profit organization, and can provide a tax-deductable reciept.


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