Helen Christie

hon_helen_christieHELEN CHRISTIE

Helen and daughter Tara joined M.H.D.A. in the 1980/81 season. Helen’s volunteer commitmentes for MHDA include: 1986-1991 & 2004 Coordinator of Decoration for the Annual Tartan Tea; 1987 designed and created MHDA drocus parade banner; 1991-1992 – Editor of Newsletter and Programs (introduced boxed format for competition results in programs/ newsletter became Tartan Press through competition); designed the MHDA float used in the annual Red River Exhibition parade (one of its two large red lion ramparts is now used at the Scottish Pavilion, Folklorama); Coordinator of ‘An Afternoon High Tea and Concert’ fundraiser for the MHDA Reps ; on three separate occasions, designed a T-Shirt whose sales were used to fund MHDA Reps (Champions and Runner-Ups) to the Canadian championships; 1994 – produced the logo plus designs for the two official t-shirts sold at the Canadian Interprovincials, Winnipeg; 2004 – submitted one of the designs that influenced the selected logo for that year’s Scotdance Canada Championship Series; chaired the Decorating Committee for the Scotdance Canada Championship Series 2004/Winnipeg held inthe Convention Centre & Scotia Bank Stage venues, as well sourced and set-up the events Memorabilia Display.

She considers her most important achievement for Highland Dance to be Coordinator for a compilation in 2004 of 30 years of dancers results for the Open Championships that took place annually alongside the Canadian (Scotdance) Closed Highland Dance Championships.

Helen was delighted when made an Honourary Member of the Manitoba Highland Dancers’ Association in 2005