New Competitor Information

CLICK HERE for dress specifications as outlined by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing
CLICK HERE for the MHDA Guidebook for new parents and dancers.

MHDA Competitions are held within the guidelines of the MHDA Constitution and according to the rules of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (SOBHD).


  1. Primary (6 and under)
  2. Beginner (no age limit)
  3. Novice (no age limit)
  4. Intermediate (no age limit)
  5. Premier (no age limit)

Age groups will be determined by the technical advisors prior to the competition to ensure a fair distribution of dancers in each class.

The move from classification to classification will be in accordance with criteria established by the SOBHD. A dancer, with their teacher may decide to move up voluntarily, but having once danced in a higher classification, may not revert.


Not all dances will be offered at every competition.

  1. Pas de Basques
  2. Pas de Basques and High Cuts
  3. Highland Fling
  4. Sword Dance
  1. Highland Fling
  2. Sword Dance
  3. Seann Triubhas
  4. Reel
  5. Scottish Lilt
  6. Flora MacDonald’s Fancy
  1. Highland Fling
  2. Sword Dance
  3. Seann Triubhas
  4. Reel
  5. Scottish Lilt
  6. Flora MacDonald’s Fancy
  7. Highland Laddie
  8. Barracks Johnnie
  9. Irish Jig
  10. Sailor’s Hornpipe

A total of 5 dances will be selected for Intermediate at each competition.

  1. Highland Fling
  2. Sword Dance
  3. Seann Triubhas
  4. Reel
  5. Village Maid
  6. Earl of Errol
  7. Highland Laddie
  8. Scotch Measure
  9. Scottish Lilt
  10. Blue Bonnets
  11. Barracks Johnnie
  12. Flora MacDonald’s Fancy
  13. Irish Jig
  14. Sailor’s Hornpipe

A maximum of 8 solo dances may be offered for Premier for one day.


Trophies shall be awarded on the basis of points gained by placing in each dance. Special Events are not included on trophy calculations. No trophies are awarded in the Primary class.

Points for individual placings are awarded as follows:

1st – 137 points
2nd – 91 points
3rd – 71 points
4th – 53 points
5th – 37 points
6th – 23 points

  • All winners of annual trophies shall sign for that trophy or have the parent/guardian sign if the dancer if the dancer is not of age.
  • All annual trophies must be returned clean and in good repair. Repairs to a trophy damaged while in the possession of a dancer are the responsibility of the dancer.
  • Dancers must be in full costume during awards presentation.


Accredited S.O.B.H.D. judges are used at MHDA competitions. Competitions usually have a minimum of two (2) judges.

Key Volunteer Positions

Each competition requires the following positions be filled and rely greatly on parent and senior dancer volunteers to ensure a successful competition:

  • Announcer – responsible for announcing the events, announcing the results and other duties as required
  • Runners – responsible for delivering the judges’ sheets directly to the Scrutineer’s table
  • Scrutineers – scrutineers are responsible for recording results and awarding medals and trophies according to those results.
  • Line-up Marshalls – responsible to see that competitors are lined up correctly and in proper order for dancing.

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