Deanne Magnus started to dance at 8 and now enjoys the opportunity to teach others and pass on her love of dancing. She was taught by Gaelyn McGregor and now assists her. Deanne has collected many medals over the years and was pleased to be a runner-up at the 1998 Provincials, and being a member of a choreography group who placed in the 2004 Canadians, hels here in Winnipeg.

One of her favorite dances is the Irish Jig. She loves highland dance because of the skill it requires and the life skills it has given her, like discipline, time management, and good sportsmanship, to name few. These life skills from doing something that she loves, has paid off in that at the same time, she managed to odtain her Bachelor of Commeerce degree, including a double major in accounting and finance, as well as sthe training to become a Chartered Accountant.