Christine began her dancing career in Winnipeg at the age of 5 and competed until she was 24.  She spent a many of years dancing with the Ena Sutton Highland Dancers of Winnipeg where she was able to perform in a number of memorable places, including Epcot Center in Disney World and the opening ceremonies for the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg.  She holds Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance Members status, is a member of ScotDance Manitoba and the MHDA.  Christine opened the 'Court School of Highland Dancing' in 1993 teaching in Emerson, Stony Mountain and Winnipeg.  Currently Christine is teaching in Winnipeg.
Outside of dance Christine works as a nurse educator in the Women's Health program at the Health Sciences Center and is currently finishing her Masters of Nursing degree.  Christine and her husband Thor have 2 children.  Their daughter Alexandra who enjoys piano and highland dance and their son Logan who is actively involved in hockey and football.