Manitoba Highland Dancers' Association

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Entries accepted not earlier than February 20, 2013

Closing date March 4, 2013



Open Competition

St. Andrew’s River Heights
United Church
255 Oak Street

Judges: Lynn Griffiths, BC & Joyce Kite, ON


Rules & Regulations

1. All dancing events are governed by SOBHD rules. All judges' decisions will be final. REGISTRATION NO.: C-MB-CO-12-1045
2. Opening date for entries - Payment Received Online or envelope postmarked NO EARLIER than 12:01 am Feb 20, 2013.
Entries postmarked before this date will incur a 2 week hold. Closing date for entries is Payment Received Online or envelope
postmarked no later than11:59 pm Mar 4, 2013. No courier, email or hand deliveries. Entries postmarked after this date will incur
a late penalty of $10.00 per dancer in addition to entry fees. Late fees will be strictly enforced. Field entries will be accepted with
the late fee.
3. If you wish to receive confirmation of entry please provide your e-mail address or include a self-addressed stamped envelope, no
phone call confirmations accepted.
4. The competition committee reserves the right to combine, split or delete classes according to registration.
5. Age is as of day of competition.
6. One dancer per form. Additional copies available at
7. All dancers must be registered under the SOBHD registration scheme in order to compete. Dancers MUST PRESENT THEIR
REGISTRATION CARD AT THE TIME OF REGISTERING on the day of competition in order to dance.
8. Any change in dancer classification or additional dances MUST be emailed (prefered method) to or phoned in 204-444-5571 to the Registrar PRIOR to the day of competition. Changes will
NOT be accepted that day.
9. Competitors will dance in reverse order of entry. Dancers not present when their class is called will only be permitted to dance out
of order at the discretion of the Technical Advisor. Dancers must fill in for Reels as requested.
10. Dancers must fill in for Reels as requested.
11. Medals and trophies will be awarded for all classes,except Primary who receive medals only. Honoraria, in lieu of medals, will be awarded to Premier dancers 16 years and over.
12. Protests must be made in writing, signed and presented to the competition coordinator on the day of the competition
accompanied by a $25.00 fee which is refunded if sustained.
13. Special Fling/Hullachan in Beginner and Novice classes are open to all Beginner and Novice Dancers respectively and are not included in the calculation of aggregate awards. No set steps.
14. INTERMEDIATE & PREMIER CLASSES will be divided into highland and national sections, with a keeper trophy given for
each section and an aggregate for overall.
15. ENTRY FEES: All dances (including special events): $6.00 per dance plus number deposit, plus SDCCS Provincial Surcharge. If you are not a member of MHDA or another Provincial Highland Dance Association, a $10 surcharge will apply. Proof of membership may be requested. Cheques post-dated to March 16, 2013 accepted with entry. Competitors shall pay $45.00 surcharge for cheques not honoured. Refunds available only upon receipt of a medical certificate. Numbers will be picked up at registration desk on day of competition.
15. PROGRAMS may be pre-ordered for $4.00. They will be sold for $5.00 on the day of competition.
16. Demonstration Pas de Bas: No entry fees. Please submit entry form to determine numbers. Demonstration dancers may not
enter any other competition events.
17. Newland Sword Special Event: First Place winners in each premier category will dance off for the Newland Sword Trophy.


First Name * Last Name *


Street/Box# * City *

Province * Postal Code *

Birthdate *                        Age (as of March. 16/13) *

Phone # ( ) - *     Email *

Class * Teacher *

SOBHD # *     MHDA # :  


PRE-PREMIER– Register at 9:00 A.M., Dance at 9:30 A.M.

16 Pas de Basques
Pas de Basques & High Cuts
Highland Fling (4 step)
Sword Dance (2&1)

Highland Fling (4 step)
Sword Dance (2 & 1)
Seann Truibhas (3 & 1)
Scottish Lilt (4 Step)
Flora (4 Step)
Beginner Special Fling (4 step)

Highland Fling (4 step)
Sword Dance (2 & 1)
Seann Truibhas (3 & 1)
Scottish Lilt ( 4 Step)
Flora ( 4 Step)
Novice Special Hullachan (4 step)
Demonstration Pas de Basques (no charge, dancer may not enter any other event) This event will take place at approximately 10:30 AM)


INTERMEDIATE & PREMIER - Register at 11:30 a.m., Dance following AM results

Intermediate Premier
Highland Fling (4 step)
Sword Dance (2 & 1)
Seann Truibhas (3 & 1)
Strathspey & 1/2 Tulloch
Highland Laddie (4 step)
Irish Jig (3 & 1)
Sailor's Hornpipe (4 step)
Highland Fling (6 step)
Sword Dance (3 & 1)
Seann Truibhas (4 & 2)
Hullachan (8 part)
Scottish Lilt (4 step)
Blue Bonnets (4 step)
Irish Jig (3&1 Step)



SATURDAY, March 16, 2013

Dances X $6.00 = $
I would like to Pre-Order Program(s) X $4.00 = $
  If more than 1 manually enter the total amount for the Preordered Program cost.

LATE Fee or Non-Member Fee (after March 4/13 Must be added or registration will not be processed)(enter manually) $10.00 = $

Plus No. Deposit $ 1.00
Plus Prov. Surcharge $ 1.00
Plus Online Payment Surcharge $1.50

Total Due $

(Demonstration Pas de Basques Entries Please Disregard Any Charges)


WAIVER: I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any rights and claims I might
have against the Manitoba Highland Dancers’ Association and its agents, representatives, successors and assignees for any and all
injuries suffered by me, any family member, or any person under my custody, control or guardianship at any and all voluntary events
sponsored by the MHDA. This waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian if the dancer is under 18 years of age.

I Agree